It is from generations of courageous individuals that the spirit  and might of a nation is truly built.  Individuals that are
willing to stand alone in the face of ridicule and overwhelming power and wealth to say "this is wrong and we must make
it right"....

"....One person can make a difference, and every person should try..."  
John F. Kennedy

...Join a Union and fight for your rights...and those of others.

...Smile at a person having a struggle and give them some hope

...Give to the poor and don't ask why

...Speak out for the voiceless and give a hand to the helpless

Wherever little children are hungry and cry,
Wherever people ain't free
Wherever folks are fightin' for their rights
that's where I'm gonna be, ma...
...that's where I'm gonna be
                                         .....Woody Guthrie
Frank and Mary Janning
Oklahoma 1942
Sister Mary Bernadette
Helen Janning Guthrie....Founder
Greg Guthrie, Vice President Al Gore, Larry Guthrie
The Guthrie Family
Larry, Barry Switzer, Greg in NYC
Donating "In Search of The Purebloods" by
Charles Banks Wilson to the National Press
Club to commemorate the Oklahoma
centennial year 2007-08